HISTORIC SITES QUIZ – Can you identify these 15 Ancient Landmarks?


Historic Sites QUIZ

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Q1: There are more than one Roman Colosseums in the world, where is the The largest and most famous one located?


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Q2: Where is this torii gate that floats in the sea?


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Q3: What is the name of this historic landmark in United Kingdom?


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Q4: What is the name of this Inca Ruins?


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Q5: The Terracotta Army, built to protect the afterlife of China's First Emperor, was found by a local farmer in which city?


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Q6: What is the name of this pyramid complex, of which one of them is on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World?


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Q7: What is the name of this ancient citadel in Athens?


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Q8: What is the name of this prehistoric stone circle?


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Q9: What is the name of this archaeological site?


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Q10: What is the name of this well-preserved sacred site?


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Q11: What is the name of this world's largest buddhist monuments?


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Q12: These ancient ruins are located on an isolated island of which country?


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Q13: What is the name of this ancient temple which situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?


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Q14: What is the name of this enormous mausoleum?


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Q15: What is the name of this historic city in Jordan?


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Are you looking for places to visit for you next travel? If you have thought about creating a travel bucket list but haven’t got around to it yet. Then we have some suggestions that would help you complete the must-see list and enhance your travel experience.

Have you ever thought about immersing yourself in the mythical history of ancient civilizations and the stunning scenery? There are so many historic sites and ancient ruins around the world. Some places are unbelievable gorgeous, some places are so magical that would blow you mind, and some places are so spectacular that make you wonder how advance the ancients really were.

From Rome to Peru, there were many lost civilizations, from Maya, Aztec, Inca to the great Roman Empire, ancient civilizations left behind remarkable monuments, temples and abandoned cities. Some sites were lost for centuries, covered by overgrown plants, while others are still in use today.

From the design, structure or where the ancient wonders located. It’s pretty hard to imagine how ancient people manage to construct such impressive sites without the modern technology and machinery we use today.

Standing in front of such historical landmarks and witnessing the architectural brilliance of our ancestors, is the most direct way to understand the history of humanity. We can travel to the past by reading the introductions of cultures that once existed in the very location, and get a better picture about the processes that led to what we are today.

It’s a pity that we usually ignore the beauty of these extraordinary historical landmarks, and head to the ultimate holiday destinations. Just by doing a little extra research, you can easily find such historic sites that close to your vacation destination. Why not just choose one that fits your schedule, and create a personalized travel experience?

Are you still hesitating? Well, then we may have something to give you a push. In this HISTORICAL LANDMARKS QUIZ, we have listed 15 ancient ruins to spark some interest. Let’s see if you can tell the names or locations of these historical sites based on one picture.

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