French General Knowledge Quiz – How much do you know about France?


French General Knowledge Quiz

France is considered to be one of the dreamiest countries in the world. This is of no surprise due to its rich art and history. Paris is known as the city of romance with its beautiful structures and buzzing nightlife. It is a honeymooner’s favorite destination to visit. Paris is, in fact, the most visited city in the entire Europe. It is known for its fashion houses, classical art museums, and monuments like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

Then, there’s the food. For most people, wine and cheese are the first things that triggers in mind when talking about French food. But there is a lot more to be admired, the unique French cuisine is enjoyed by food connoisseurs due to unusual ingredients like snails and oysters. Many do not have the taste buds to handle such flavors, which is why the French are considered to be elite in their cuisine.

France also has some exquisite and sophisticated vineyards. Wine enthusiasts visit the country just to spend time enjoying the vast wine collections from these years-old vineyards. If you are an artist or a food and wine connoisseur, you will especially enjoy visiting France. It is a country not to be missed.

With just a train ride away from most of Europe, you can cheaply visit France if you are living in Europe. For those traveling from other places, it is known to be an expensive country to visit. However, with all that France has to offer, it is an investment worth making.

You might want to test your French general knowledge before you make any plans to visit the country. Whether you plan on visiting or consider yourself an expert in all things French, take the French General Knowledge Quiz above to find out how much of a Francophile you are.