French General Knowledge Quiz – How much do you know about France?

France is considered to be one of the dreamiest countries in the world. This is of no surprise due to its rich art and history. Paris is known as the…

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Asia Quiz – Guess the National Capitals of these 30 Asian Countries

Asia is too huge and various to conceive as one edible travel “destination”. Even shaping the borders of this continent is tough – from the mountains around the Euxine Sea…

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US General Knowledge Quiz – Can you Answer these 30 Trivia Questions?

From the mountains to the prairies, To the oceans white with foam… Recognize that song lyric? America’s landscape is large and diverse, it’s mind-blowing to realize what percentage of different…

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Europe Capitals Quiz – Guess the Capital Cities of these 30 European Countries

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world but has the third-largest population. With its unique border with Asia, it is considered a continent rich in history. The continent…

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Food and Drink Quiz – 25 Trivia Questions about what We Eat and Drink

The food and drinks we consume form an integral part of our lives. Eating gives the body the essential nutrients needed for survival. It helps the body grow and develop….

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Food Idioms Quiz – Do you know these 15 Common Idioms Related to Food?

If you wanna have some fun, then it’s time for you to take this Food Idioms Quiz. In each question, you will have to complete a sentence with missing words…

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Travel Quiz – Test Your Knowledge with these 20 Trivia Questions

One of the best things in life is to travel is to travel, meet new places and new people. Exploring the world may be your goal, but it’s fun to…

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TRAVEL QUIZ – Identify these 15 Tourist Attractions in the world’s Safest Countries

Have you ever woke up in the morning and suddenly realized that your life is pretty dull, that new phase of your life has already faced into a big boring…

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TRADITIONAL DRESS QUIZ – Can you tell what Countries are these 15 National Costumes from?

Have you ever watched images on the internet, or visited in some faraway place of a country and see people dressed in colorful, layered, exotic traditional dress. Aren’t you curious…

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HISTORIC SITES QUIZ – Can you identify these 15 Ancient Landmarks?

Are you looking for places to visit for you next travel? If you have thought about creating a travel bucket list but haven’t got around to it yet. Then we…

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