Europe Capitals Quiz – Guess the Capital Cities of these 30 European Countries


Capitals of Europe Quiz

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world but has the third-largest population. With its unique border with Asia, it is considered a continent rich in history. The continent is considered historically and culturally rich because it is home to some of the most important cities in the world.

In total, there are 50 countries in Europe. However, only 44 of them have capitals within the continent. Recent population consensus states that more than 748 million people are living in Europe. Some of the top tourist destinations, such as Paris, France, are located in the heart of Europe.

When talking about capital cities, we find that there are characteristics common among them. What makes a capital city different as compared to other cities in a country? A capital city is a metropolis having special status in a state or region. This city contains major government department offices and ministries. It is decided by law which city will hold the title of a capital city.

There can be different capital cities within a country if there are different legal jurisdictions present. However, in the case of European countries, this is rarely the case. European capital cities attract many tourists from around the world due to their infrastructural design. These cities showcase the unique fusion of contemporary and ancient architecture. That is only one of the many things that make European capital cities so attractive to people around the world!

How well do you know the famous capital cities of Europe? Take this Europe Capitals Quiz to test your knowledge of some of the most popular capitals of Europe and see how many you can correctly identify!