Capitals Quiz – Guess the Capitals of these 14 South American countries


Capitals of South America Quiz

You may be curious about Latin American countries, and now you can exercise your curiosity by playing this Capitals of South America Quiz. You can focus on each country’s capitals distinguished by their culture, tourism, and beautiful people. In this Quiz, you ‘ll get questions such as choosing the Brazil’s capital between Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador and Sao Paulo.

With these quick questions and answers, you can practice your geography about these tropical countries. You can be encouraged to take a tour from Peru to French Guyana, located a few kilometers from Venezuela. Learn a little more about the Falkland Islands, mainly because of its capital to get to if you plan on visiting there by plane.

Each destination has its peculiar things that you can discover from its capital that various cultures hold. Go to Chile’s capital and enjoy its monuments, buildings with Baroque architecture, and other novelties. You can finally know if Santiago is the capital of this country or you’re mistaken, and Maipu is the real destination.

Knowing the capitals of each country throughout South America, you will have a good start on planning your journey. You can go through a large potion of each country starting from its capital in Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, or Monterrey. You must know each capital not to miss the country that will mark your next travel destination.

If you complete the all 14 Questions, you will feel more encouraged to visit these great countries someday. Regardless of where you are now, in Central America, North America, or any region of Europe, you will be able to fulfill your objectives by going to each South American capital. Correctly innovate tourism, and for this, you must know which the center of each country in Latin lands is.

You may be curious about these Latin American cities and search for more information on your own such as the customs and culture. You can be in Europe or another region of the world and feel that South America is your destination for the next trip.

You can go to Machupicchu, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Santiago, La Paz, and other areas as long as you are well located. Latin American capitals can be difficult to remember. In this Capitals of South America Quiz, you can practice your geography knowledge about this passionate region. Let’s start!