FAMOUS INVENTIONS QUIZ – Do you know the origins or inventors of these 15 great Innovations?


Famous Inventions QUIZ

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Q1: Where was the first vaccine in history developed?

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Q2: Who invented the airplane?

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Q3: The Wheel was invented in which continent?

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Q4: Where was the Compass invented?

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Q5: Where in the world was soap first invented?

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Q6: Where was the oldest time telling device found?

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Q7: What country is the first to drink coffee as a beverage?

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Q8: Wi-Fi, a wireless LAN technology that is used on vairous devices such as noteooks, smartphones, printers and drones, was intented in which country?

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Q9: The first working refrigerator was built in which country?

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Q10: Where was the first photograph made in a Camera taken?

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Q11: Where was the world's first car built?

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Q12: Where was the Printing Press invented?

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Q13: Where was the Telephone invented?

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Q14: Who is the inventor of the Light Bulb?

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Q15: Where was the First Personal Computer introduced?

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Many inventions are actually culminations that produced by improving an existing system to the final stage and have mass appeal. To be more precisely, discoveries made by scientists who lived hundreds of years ago contributed to the knowledge and works of following generations of scientists.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Issac Newton

For example, Launched in 2007, iPhone is considered one of the most revolutionary technologies in human history and had greatly changed the way we live. But inside the first generation if iPhone, there are really no ground-breaking inventions from a technical perspective. In fact, iPhone is more like a integration of individual inventions, gadget functions and features, compression technology, miniaturized components, telecommunications, application development and other innovations that unified by evolutionary consolidation.

In today’s world, although human have only been on the planet for a relatively short amount of time, many revolutionary inventions and technologies have been created and shaped the civilization rapidly.

From the debut of the wheel to the development of Internet, there are many things we take for granted that make our lives easier. And some major inventions are actually elevation and evolution of an invention that can trace back thousands of years ago.

Can you imagine how hard travel and transportation would be in a world without wheels? The oldest evidence of wheels was discovered in the Sumerian civilization of Mesopotamia that dates to around 4200-4000 B.C. But they were invented to serve as potter’s wheels instead of transportations. It took another 300 years for people to use wheels and axles to move chariots. Thanks to the ancient civilizations, we can do everyday tasks quicker and easier.

It’s interesting to know the origins of things around us. Here we have picked 15 important inventions in history. Take this Famous Inventions and Inventors QUIZ and let’s see if you know all the origins of these inventions.

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