Asia Quiz – Guess the National Capitals of these 30 Asian Countries


Asia Capitals Quiz

Asia is too huge and various to conceive as one edible travel “destination”. Even shaping the borders of this continent is tough – from the mountains around the Euxine Sea within the west to the snowfields in the north, the number of people live in Asia is more than outside of it.

Everest’s highest point lies inside Asia on the border of Asian country and Nepal, soaring 8,848m higher above the sea level. Mt. Everest is usually accessible through Kathmandu. Its lowest point is located at the Kala Pattar, set at the meeting points of Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan, whose surface is 400m below water level. Asia’s longest river is the Yangtze River with a length of about 6,400 km that flows entirely within China, stretches from the Tibetan plateau to the East China Sea. Asia’s largest lake is the Caspian Sea with a surface area 386,400 km2, surrounded by many Central Asian nations.

The ocean bounds Asia to the Northeast, Australia to the southeast, and also the Indian Ocean. The sea borders it to the southwest, Europe and the Urals to the west and the ocean to the north.

From the desert ruins and trendy mega-malls of the centre northeast to the brilliant ancient monuments in South Asia, travel choices vary widely. The beach bungalows and jungle treks of geographic region to the mega-cities and technology capitals of East Asia.

Asia offers various travel choices. There square measure ultra-modern, mostly democratic countries like Japan and the East Asian Tigers of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Asian countries. That square measure prosperous and revel in terribly high living standards. On the opposite hand, the Islamic State of Afghanistan, Laos and country square measure extraordinarily developing countries wherever folks struggle to urge several grains of rice every day.

Want to get more familiar with Asia? Why not take this Asia Capitals Quiz to see how well do you know about Asian countries. In each of these 30 questions, you have to guess the capital city by the name of the country. Test your knowledge of Asia and enhance it now!