MOVIE QUIZ – Name the movies from scenes at the filming location

Are you constantly thinking about traveling but don’t know how to start or where to go? Do you like movies? If you do, then how about planning a movie scenes…

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CAPITALS QUIZ – Name the capital cities of these 30 countries

Capital city is an area that specified by law or constitution, by the government of a country, or part of a country such as province, region, or state. Capital city…

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U.S. STATES QUIZ – Best Things About These 30 States

What makes you love about the America? Food, history, people or culture? Margaret Thatcher said “Europe was created by history but America by philosophy. It’s that philosophy that I love.”…

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U.S. STATES QUIZ – Worst Things About These 25 States

As large and diverse as the United States is, each state in the country has it’ own history, and the history shapes the state’s cultures, customs and the norms. Every…

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ETIQUETTE QUIZ – Questions about global Dos and Don’ts

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it helps you to develop a more mature and open-minded sense of the world. But visiting a different country can also…

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U.S. STATES QUIZ – Name the state by it’s neighbor

Learning geography of the United States can be fun. People live in America know the country is big, but exactly how big it is? Located in North America, the United…

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QUIZ : Name the Cities from a Bird’s-Eye View

BIRD’S EYE VIEW QUIZ Are you absorbed by your daily routine? As you biking, driving or taking a bus in the city, pass the streets, buildings, churches thousands of times,…

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STATE SHAPE QUIZ : US states by outlines

STATE SHAPES QUIZ How many states are the in the United States? This is really a tricky one, since when this question get asked, there will always be debate over…

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FESTIVAL QUIZ : Where are they held?

FESTIVAL QUIZ No matter which country you live in, there are always some days that people celebrate to remember the events that occurred on those particular days. Festivals can be…

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SKYLINE QUIZ : Can you recognize all the cities?

CITY SKYLINES QUIZ Ever since human civilization evolved, human population continues to grow, more and more people move to the center of cities, the cities expands at a rapid speed….

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