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Movie Synopsis Quiz

What is the most important component of a good movie? The answer is the storyline. A good storyline can be based on either true stories and real-life people or fictional stories.

A true story sometimes can be more surprised, mind-boggling, inspiring than anything you can imagine. After all, one thing that makes a character or plot twist even more shocking is to know what you have seen in the movie, has actually happened in real life.

‘The Imitation Game’ is a 2014 historical film based on the real life story of legendary computer scientist Alan Turing, who is trying to crack the Nazi Germany’s Enigma code (coded communications) with his team at a top-secret facility during the World War II.

This movie is a personal history of resilience, success and tragedy. A man who helped end the war ends up torn up by a society that he gave so much to. The ending makes you feel depressed, mad and think the movie could have gone more in-depth with the in justices that were committed against Alan Turing.

And this is the reason why movies based on histories or events attract the crowd, because it makes the audience get more involved.

Fiction movies, on the other hand, present stories that are not based on reality. Instead, they are consisted of imaginary events, people and places. Although to some people think fiction movies are less relatable. But when the story is written well, it can take you to places you have never been and let your imaginations run wild. And some stories are written so well so good that people just can’t get enough of it, such as Harry Potter.

What are your favorite movies? Do they tell a good story?

Here we have questions about 15 movies, each is a synopsis of a famous movie. Take this Movie Synopsis Quiz now! Let’s see if you can name all the movies by their brief summaries.

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