Back to the Future Quiz – 20 Trivia Questions about the Trilogy Films


Back to the Future Quiz – Trilogy

If you consider yourself the number 1 fan of the “Back to the Future” movies, then you must complete this Back to the Future Trivia Quiz. The films that focused on the teenager Marty Mcfly and his close friend Doc Brown were a huge success. Show everyone how much you love the movies by answering questions such as “What Doc’s dog is called?” or “What Doc’s first name is?”.

It’s always fun to watch “Back to the future,” and you will always find innovative details in these classic films. The story is very extensive and focuses on Marty McFly and the alternate universes he must face if he changes the past. And there are various tiny details that make you wanna watch the movies over and over again.

The story is very entertaining and worth spending a few minutes answering some basic questions. You will demonstrate how important these films are to your life by checking how much you know about the movie series. Some tougher questions like what time lightning strikes on the clock tower can be challenging.

This quiz ended with a question that you need to guess what Doc said while saying goodbye to Marty. If you answer each question successfully, you certainly deserve to ride that DeLorean DMC-12 car with Marty into the Future. You will feel proud of yourself after completing the questionnaire and even have the motivation to watch the trilogy again.

Each episode of the movies has its magic touch that accompanied you in your childhood or adolescence. If you are from the millennial generation, you can also show how much you love classic movies. The films will always be in the hearts of every dreamer, and with these trivia questions, you will have pleasant memories.

You may have a lot of knowledge about the trilogy that you watched over and over again with your loved ones. If you want to show that you like the classic, this is the best and fun way to do it . You will only have to spend less than 10 minutes in the quiz to answer each question calmly.

Depending on how good you are at remembering the movies’ scenes, it should be easy to score at least 15/20. Play the Back to the Future Quiz now, let’s go back in time and venture through time.