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Toy Story 3 Quiz

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Q1: In the beggining of the movie which background was there?

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Q2: Which toy did Andy initially select to take to college?

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Q3: What was the name of the daycare where the toys ended up?

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Q4: Name the toy(s) that Woody listed as no longer being with them.

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Q5: What was the name of the toy leader at the daycare?

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Q6: What does Lots-o-Huggin Bear smell like?

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Q7: What was the name of the little girl who took Woody home?

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Q8: What room does Lotso put the toys in?

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Q9: Lotso got Buzz to join his side at one point. How did he do that?

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Q10: When Woody, still at the little girl's house, found out that the daycare was a bad place for toys, he decided to go back and rescue his friends. How did he get back?

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Q11: What toy at Sunnyside helps Woody plan their escape?

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Q12: What kind of animal toy watched the televisions in the security room?

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Q13: What accidentally happened to Buzz when Andy's toys were trying to get him back to normal?

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Q14:  What accidently happened to Buzz when Andy's toys were trying to get him back to normal?

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Q15: After going down the garbage chute, Andy's toys were confronted by Lotso and his gang. Lotso and most of Andy's toys end up in the dumpster. Which of the toys from Andy's house stayed behind at the daycare?

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Q16: While in the dumpster, what fell on Buzz, that helped him regain his memory?

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Q17: At the landfill, the toys ended up on a conveyor belt and, even though Lotso had a chance to save them, he did not. So the toys ended up in an incinerator. What saved them?

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Q18: What happened to Lotso at the end of the movie?

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Q19: To get back to Andy's house, the toys rode in the garbage truck that stopped at his house.

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Q20: At the end of the movie, what did Andy do with his toys?

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Welcome to the Toy Story 3 Quiz! Get ready to test your knowledge about this heartwarming and adventurous animated film.

Toy Story 3 is a heartwarming animated film that takes viewers on an emotional journey with their beloved characters. The story begins with Andy, the owner of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the gang, who is now preparing to leave for college. As Andy’s departure looms, the toys face an uncertain future. They can either end up in the attic, donated, or worse—thrown away.

Mistakenly, the toys find themselves at Sunnyside Daycare, a seemingly idyllic place for toys, where they meet a charismatic plush bear named Lotso. At first, Sunnyside appears to be a dream come true, with plenty of playtime and attention from new children. However, the toys soon realize that Lotso is running the daycare like a prison, with the older, rougher toys consigned to the abusive playroom
of the toddlers.

Desperate to escape, Woody decides to return to Andy, believing that his owner would never have intentionally abandoned them. But the other toys, feeling betrayed by Woody’s departure, choose to stay at Sunnyside. Woody’s determination to be loyal to Andy leads him on a perilous journey back to Sunnyside, where he tries to convince his friends that they need to escape.

With the help of Barbie and Ken, who have come to understand Lotso’s true nature, the toys stage a daring escape. They face numerous obstacles, including a garbage incinerator where they almost meet their end. However, they are rescued at the last moment by the Aliens, who operate the claw machine.

Reunited, the toys manage to return to Andy’s house just in time before he leaves for college. Andy, who had thought his toys were lost, is overjoyed to see them again. In a heartfelt moment, Andy decides to pass his beloved toys on to a young girl named Bonnie, who will love and cherish them as he did.

The film ends with a bittersweet goodbye as Andy says farewell to his toys and embarks on the next chapter of his life. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang, now in the care of Bonnie, face a new beginning filled with love and adventures.

Toy Story 3 beautifully explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the inevitability of change. It reminds us of the importance of cherishing our childhood memories and letting go when the time is right. The film serves as a poignant conclusion to the Toy Story trilogy while leaving room for the toys’ future escapades in the hearts of their new owner.

Are you ready to relive the magic and excitement? Take this Toy Story 3 Quiz and answer the 20 trivia questions. Let’s see how well you remember the plot, characters, and memorable moments from this captivating movie.