World Capitals Quiz – Guess the National Capitals of these 30 Countries


World Capitals Quiz – 30 Questions

Want to travel abroad but can’t because of the COVID-19 lock down? Why not exploring the world by playing this World Capitals Quiz? You will learn world geography and have fun while trying to guess the national capitals of 30 cities in the world. You can test your geography knowledge right now by answering the right capital cities of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and more.

You will get a better understanding about strange countries in the world whose capital cities you do not know. Figuring out which the capital of the United Arab Emirates is can be a great challenge that you must overcome and get it right. You can go to Dubai knowing where your flight will arrive, which to your surprise is in the country’s capital.

There are 30 exclusive destinations where you can add one or another to your to-go list. You can go to the capital of Japan, which can be Nagoya or Yokohama, and enjoy tourism in the country of Asia. Other lesser-known countries such as the Solomon Islands is also included in the Quiz, and you should learn what their capitals are in a few minutes.

Whether you get a full score or a partial score in the World Capitals Quiz, you will have fun playing it. You can research or answer each question by intuition and show yourself your knowledge of tourism. In the end, you will have a series of correct answers for the capitals that you may meet at some point with your loved ones.

You will know about Hanoi or Suva and which countries they belong to. You can also play the quiz with your friends or partner to match the capitals and countries together. Although some questions are very easy to guess, there are also countries that you did not even know about until now.
While playing the Capitals Quiz using your computer or smartphone to explore the countries around the world. You may get a sense of feeling that you are traveling, not by plane, but internet. If you think you know Italy, then you should know which its capital are between Milan, Turin, Naples or Rome. And what South Korea, can you name out the national capital city of this Asian country is without hesitation?

Play this World Capitals Quiz now, there are 30 countries from well known to lesser known. You will need have better than basic geography knowledge to go through all the questions and score a 30/30.