Italian General Knowledge Quiz – 20 Trivia Questions


Italian General Knowledge Quiz

Italy is known to have a large impact on western culture and cuisine. It is rich with tradition and culture that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years, which is why it is one of the most popular countries to be visited by tourists. Its capital Rome is home to the Vatican, which brings in many followers of the Catholic faith every year. Several movies have even been filmed using the Vatican as their prime location such as “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Italian cuisine is also a favorite around the world due to its intensely rich flavor. Italian desserts and cheeses are used and made in every dinner party, regardless of country. Everyone’s favorite pasta and pizza originate from Italy, so the next time you are eating them, imagine you are in little Italy itself!

Italy is also home to the fashion capital of the world, Milan. Every year, many gather from all around in Milan Fashion Week to appreciate the new and upcoming runway designs from famous designers.

It is no surprise that Italy is known for its art and culture as it has a vast history. From Venice and Florence to Sicily and Naples, tourists visit from everywhere each year to celebrate the beauty of the Italian culture. It also has some of the most prestigious universities as well. Each provides world-class education to its students, which is why it is a hub for international students.

Do you consider yourself to be an expert on Italian culture, cuisine, and geography? Or are you an Italian looking to see how true you are to your roots? Then take the Italian General Knowledge Quiz above to find out how much do you know about Italy. We have 20 trivia questions that will test your knowledge while having some fun.