BEACHES QUIZ – How much of a beach lover you are?

Beach Quiz

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Q1: In which city, temporary artificial beaches are created each summer

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Q2: What is the nearest sandy beach to London?

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Q3: In which city, there were no beaches until 1992, and over two mile of beachfront was created thanks to the Olympic Games?

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Q4: What beach in the United States is considered the best spot for finding seashells?

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Q5: In which country would you find "China Sea", made famous by the American TV show of the same?

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Q6: What country has the world's longes beach?

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Q7: Which of these sufing spots is considered one of the most dangerou ones in the world?

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Q8: How long is the famous Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand?

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Q9: What is the main cause of most Black-Sand beaches?

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Q10: Where is Copacabana, the beautiful beach that famously known in song and films?

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Q11: Which of the below places in Australia, can you visit the spot where rainforest meets the beach?

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Q12: Where was the famous kiss scene on the beach filmed in "From here to Eternity"?

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Q13: What is Boulders Beach in Southe Africa famous for?

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Q14: What is the main attraction of Papakolea Beach in Hawaii?

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Q15: The film "The Beach" starred Leonardo Di Caprio made the filming location famous, where is it?

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Beach is always a popular stop or holiday destination for travelers. Some people go to the beach to get away from all the troubles. And some people go to the beach for the sheer entertainment. At the beach, they can just sit there and feel the warmth of the sun, if the weather is too hot, simply walk a few feet down and you can get into to the cool ocean. To float in the ocean, you feel the ocean like you are a part of it.

We all love the beach for different reasons. If you just want to relax by yourself, you can go to the beach, walk on the ocean shore and feel the grainy sand under your toes. Or you can lie on the beach, enjoy the sun light, feel the breeze and salty air, doing nothing or maybe finish a book.

If you are those travelers that look for adventures and think beaches are just for relaxation because it’s normally quiet and peaceful, you might be surprised. There is this conception that many people think that you can’t go to the beach and have an adventure.

In fact, the beach can provide opportunities for great adventures. In Australia, you can go wakeboarding, parasailing, kayaking on the Great Barrier Reef; In Santa Monica, you can join the locals in the waves of the Pacific Ocean, surfing or standup paddling; In Jamaica, you can scramble up the side of a cliff, choose the perfect spot to make your plunge; On Costa Rica’s coast, you can take the hiking trails in the Manuel Antonio National Park, catch glimpses of sloths, iguanas, tiny crabs, and listen to squirrel monkeys chattering overhead; In Cape Town of South Africa, you can go coasteering, scrambling on the rugged shore and get the chance to encounter curious penguins along the way.

There’s so much more to say. But for now we have a BEACH QUIZ, let’s see if you can answer all 15 questions about beaches in the world.

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