AERIAL VIEW QUIZ – Identify Places by their Aerial Photos



Boarding is the beginning of a wonderful journey. And choosing the right airplane seat is important for a comfortable flight. If you’re lucky to get a window seat, you get the chance to gaze out of the window at take-off, and capture some breathtaking views.

A non-stop flight sometimes can be boring and exhausting, looking out the window is a good way to beat boredom. The views from a window seat show you a world that we just can’t see on the ground.

Sure, you might not be able to visit the places you see out the airplane window, but seeing them as you pass over can be a memorable experience of the journey.

Have you ever looked out of the window and spotted something interesting that caught your attention, and you started to wondering what it was? Such as major cities, buildings, bridges, mountains, rivers, lakes, bays, islands, canons and valleys.

There are some overlooking views that are just so recognizable that you know it even if it’s in a foreign country.

When flying in and out of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji is the one sight you can’t miss because of it’s nearly perfect conic shape; Then there’s grand canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona, the canyon is so enormous that it can be easily distinguished; And then there’s Bora Bora Island, the views of the unspoilt reefs and lagoons are breathtaking.

When you flying over Greenland on a sunny day, the views of ice fields, icebergs, glaciers and blue water are ones that you would never forget.

As plane take off the coast of Belize, when you passed over the Great Blue Hole, the perfect blue circle surrounded by jade-color water is so fascinated.

Thanks to the technologies today, with smart phones, people are able to capture these aerial views with photos. Here we have 20 photos of various countries taken from the sky, can you guess what places these photos were taken?

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