Home Alone Quiz – 25 Trivia Questions Only a True Fan Can Answer


Home Alone Trivia Quiz

Christmas is not complete without traditional Christmas movies. If you were born in the 90s or early 2000s, you are lucky enough to have witnessed some of the biggest Christmas movies. One movie that should pop right in your head is Home Alone, a Christmas classic starring Macaulay Culkin that often plays on TV throughout the holiday season. Every child who watches this movie dreams of the day they are left home alone when their family goes on vacation. You might be asking why. This is because the movie perfectly encapsulates what every child dreams of having and that is ultimate freedom!

What did you dream of doing when you were home alone like Kevin as a child? Take your father’s credit card and hit the junk food aisle at the grocery shop? Go stay overnight in the most expensive hotel room and order room service? Or rent a limousine to drive around town? If you could travel back in time and be able to do all these things as a child, which one will you pick?

While we may not have the option to time travel, there is always the option to re-watch some of your favorite childhood movies and nothing says Christmas like Home Alone. It is the number one movie choice for both kids and adults. It is the perfect combination of comedy and heart-warming.

If you have watched Home Alone more times than you can recall, you have to take this Home Alone Trivia Quiz. We’ve got 20 questions that will test your knowledge regarding all things Home Alone. From the characters to the scene sequence, you will have to guess all. If you are a true Home Alone movie buff, this trivia quiz will be a piece of cake for you. Let’s see if you can score a 20/20, ya filthy animal.