U.S. STATES QUIZ – Worst Things About These 25 States


Worst things about U.S. States QUIZ

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Q1: What is Alabama infamous for?

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Q2: What is Idaho infamous for?

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Q3: What is Louisiana infamous for?

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Q4: What is Nevada infamous for?

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Q5: What is Pennsylvania infamous for?

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Q6: What is Utah worst at?

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Q7: What is Wyoming worst at?

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Q8: What is California infamous for?

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Q9: What is Kansas infamous for?

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Q10: What is Mississippi infamous for?

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Q11: What is Ohio infamous for?

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Q12: What is South Dakota worst at?

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Q13: What is West Virginia worst at?

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Q14: What is Alaska worst at?

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Q15: What is Illinois worst at?

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Q16: What is Maine worst at?

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Q17: What is New Mexico worst at?

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Q18: What is Rhode Island worst at?

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Q19: What is Washington worst at?

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Q20: What is Connecticut worst at?

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Q21: What is Kentucky worst at?

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Q22: What is Montana worst at?

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Q23: What is Oregon worst at?

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Q24: What is Tennessee worst at?

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Q25: What is Wisconsin worst at?

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As large and diverse as the United States is, each state in the country has it’ own history, and the history shapes the state’s cultures, customs and the norms. Every state has its own uniqueness among many things such as geography, climate, religion, heritage, industry, cost of living, regional cuisine, slang words and so on.

When you live in a particular state, you probably would view others from different states as people from another planet. “They eat what?” “They have tornadoes everywhere!” “They spend half of an hour just to get to work?” In fact, it’s those odd and incredible differences make the country of ours so charming and diversified.

There are many things about each of the 50 states that we can be proud of, like Utah is amazed that it host the Olympics; Connecticut invented the cheeseburger; Florida the inventor of air conditioning; Georgia approve the anti-bullying laws; Hawaii grow coffee commercially; Illinois, the first state to abolish slavery; Kansas is home to the first female mayor; Tennessee, where Jack Daniel’s whiskey was born; Wisconsin, the home of first kindergarten; Wyoming, the first state to allow women to vote, the list can go on and on, and all these facts altogether, have contributed to the America in a good way.

But every state is also bad in some way. Do you know Wyoming has the highest suicide rate? South Dakota has the lowest-paid teachers; Nevada has the highest divorce rate; Connecticut has the most unequal incomes, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

These bad facts that you may not like or want to admin. And these things are happening in this land we live. If Americans want to make the country a better place, to face the truth is the only way to figure out what we could do better.

We have picked some worst things from 25 of the 50 states, take this U.S. STATE QUIZ and discover how accurate do you know about your home states.

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