FLAG QUIZ – Best Countries to live in 2020



Today, a national flag represents and symbolizes a country so we can easily identify a country by its flag.

But flags are not just about identity, they are also about history and conflict. The first adopted national flag still in use in the world, is the one of Denmark, evolved from the Crusades, was used as a war flag by the Holy Roman Empire.

The usage of national flags varies a lot in different countries. In the United States, to fly the flag in front of your house is a normal thing to do, and it’s pretty hard to find a place where you can’t find a flag somewhere. And people wave flags during parades and sports games.

National flags are more than a piece of fabric, each flag is designed with symbols, colors and stripes that has it’s own cultural, historical and religious meanings. And the design of a national flag may be changed after historical event occur.

Christian country would have a cross on their flags while Muslim countries would have a waxing moon on theirs. Many African countries have green, yellow and red colors on their flags to give honors to Ethiopia (oldest country in Africa).

As to the colors, every color on a national flag represents different meanings such as yellow means generosity, white means peach, red means bravery, blue means truth, green means hope and black means determination.

Now that you know every national flag is unique and meaningful, it’s time to take an EASY FLAG QUIZ to have some fun. We are sure that you can identify your own country’s in no time, but can you identify these flags of the 30 best countries ranked in 2020?

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