U.S. STATES QUIZ – Best Things About These 30 States


Best things about U.S. States QUIZ

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Q1: What is Alabama best at?

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Q2: What is Alaska best at?

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Q3: What is California best at?

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Q4: What is Colorado best at?

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Q5: What is Connecticut best at?

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Q6: What is Florida best at?

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Q7: What is Georgia best at?

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Q8: What is Idaho best at?

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Q9: What is Iowa best at?

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Q10: What is Illinois best at?

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Q11: What Kansas best at?

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Q12: What is Kentucky best at?

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Q13: What is Maine best at?

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Q14: What is Michigan best at?

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Q15: What is Minnesota best at?

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Q16: What is Mississippi best at?

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Q17: What is Nevada best at?

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Q18: What is New Hampshire best at?

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Q19: What is New York best at?

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Q20: What is North Carolina best at?

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Q21: What is Ohio best at?

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Q22: What is Pennsylvania best at?

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Q23: What is Rhode Island best at?

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Q24: What is South Dakota best at?

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Q25: What is Texas best at?

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Q26: What is Utah best at?

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Q27: What is Vermont best at?

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Q28: What is Washington best at?

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Q29: What is Virginia best at?

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Q30: What is Wisconsin best at?

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What makes you love about the America? Food, history, people or culture? Margaret Thatcher said “Europe was created by history but America by philosophy. It’s that philosophy that I love.” Majority of people believe America is the land of opportunity. Some people have traveled to many foreign countries and still think America is the best country because it is a land of freedom, some people spent all their life in home-state which is not spectacular but there are always opportunities to be found.

In the United States, you can speak freely and express your point of view about anything without going to jail or suffering from consequences. And you can believe in any religion you want or not.

The country is gorgeous and kind to disabilities, it has every landscape available: mountains, prairies, beach, canyons, desert, fjords, and so on. And the infrastructures are well developed: wide sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, elevators and escalators, make life easier for people with disabilities.

The people here are welcoming and understanding, you can talk to strangers on the bus or in a grocery store, talk or criticize about the country and most people do not get offended or mad, instead, they would try to see things from a different point of view.

There are still so many things left to be said. Residents of the United States in different states hold different opinions about their home-state. As we lived in this land, there are always good things about every state that we can instinctively think of.

Some people move or go on vacations to Florida because the great whether, humid but sunny, never really cold; some people love Minnesota for distinct of four seasons and its diversity, whether you like big city life or being away from people for outdoor activities, Minnesota can meet your satisfaction; some people love Washington for its highest minimum wage, hands-on museums, cultural diversity and political histories.

And what is the favorite part of the home-state that you love? Here we have collected a long list of the best things of 30 states in the United States, let’s see if you can guess all of them.

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