US General Knowledge Quiz – Can you Answer these 30 Trivia Questions?


U.S. General Knowledge Quiz

From the mountains to the prairies, To the oceans white with foam…

Recognize that song lyric? America’s landscape is large and diverse, it’s mind-blowing to realize what percentage of different types of distinctive scenery exist from one state or region to another.

Summer is the season for celebrations in America — from Memorial Day, 4th of July to Labor Day — why not take a break and admire the fantastic natural thing about the 50 states?

A cluster of fifty states settled way west; the USA is one of the most common vacation destinations globally to fulfill the travelers’ desires. From astonishing landscapes to historic monuments along with various famous tourist attractions such as bailiwick marvels, artwork, delicious food, American sports, diverse culture, music scenes and thrilling nightlife of the various states of the country. America really is a place that has everything one could ever want from a country.

Who wouldn’t wish to grasp and perceive each corner of the United States? The USA could be a nice continent with swarming resources and opportunities. It has everything that one desires and wishes to survive within the wild world. Why not climb the ladder while not difficulties and try to discover how lovely the USA is? If you are a U.S. citizen, then you ought to grasp everything regarding the country you reside in! Let’s get into this!

Hey, are you a U.S. citizen or someone who is fascinated with America? Think you know enough about the country? Now is the time to test yourself about how well do you know about America. In this Quiz, we have compiled 30 trivia questions regarding the United States. These Questions are pretty general if you are “patriot” enough and get 20/30 should be easy, but be warned though, some of the questions can be really tricky. Test the strength of your wits now! Take the U.S. General Knowledge Quiz and let’s see how sensible you are!