TRAVEL QUIZ – Identify these 15 Tourist Attractions in the world’s Safest Countries



Have you ever woke up in the morning and suddenly realized that your life is pretty dull, that new phase of your life has already faced into a big boring routine?

We all face a time when things like work, hobbies, relationships, or goals that no longer excite you or make you happy. Sometimes we are just going to feel down or lost. It’s just human nature, we all have to take care of our jobs, parents or children, and live the life doing same things over and over again, that makes us tired and bored eventually.

And that is the moment we need to take a break, setting out on a solo trip is a good way to mentally and physically distance away from the daily obligations, to shake off all the responsibilities from your shoulder and escape from your present boring life.

Traveling solo is not as intimidating as many may think. Being alone freed you up, you don’t have to meet the expectations set by others and focus more on your own interests. You are entirely up to you, free to do whatever you want when you want to do it, there’s no need to compromise to keep any companion happy.

Traveling alone allows you to pause the constant whir of thoughts and hustle of demands. When you find the calmness of mind and have a better sense of yourself. And only then you will find out what you are truly passionate about.

While you’re on the solo journey, you can be more flexible on the plan of your trip. When the desire hits you, you can be spontaneous and just do what you want to do. Going to a museum, walking in a park, hiking in the mountain or just laying on the beach and do nothing.

Traveling solo certainly sounds scary especially when you’ve never done it before. Simple things such as getting from the airport to your hotel; navigating the streets; booking a day tour; making yourself understood by locals despite the language barrier. Everything you do takes a lot more efforts in a foreign land and you are entirely up to you.

But when you finish your journey and look back at what you’ve accomplished on the solo trip. You will find your independence and confidence. The first solo travel can be an eye-opener for you and might encourages you to travel more. There are so many sites that are excited to see, so many tours that sound interesting, so many foods you should try and so many experiences to have. Don’t let the fear stops you,

If you are still scared of solo travel, don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here we have collected 15 pictures of iconic sights from the safest countries to travel in the world. Take this TRAVEL QUIZ, let’s see if you can recognize all these 15 Tourist Attractions and name the countries they belong to.

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