QUIZ : Name the Cities from a Bird’s-Eye View



Are you absorbed by your daily routine? As you biking, driving or taking a bus in the city, pass the streets, buildings, churches thousands of times, you become blind and don’t pay attention to the little details that are right in front of your eyes?

We would like to encourage you to travel and explore in your home cities as a tourist. Truly understanding your own city prepares you to understand other countries and cultures. You will get a better idea of it’s heritage and be able to share this to the people you meet while you travel.

Have you ever wondering what does the city look from a bird’s perspective? Looking at cities from a different angle can be refreshing, you will discover new things and get a completely different perspective about the place you travel or live.

Imagine when you’re in the sky, taking a glance of a city, the first thing that draws your attention will usually be the large-scale buildings. The buildings and streets are historical records of a city. As cities changed over time, you can still feel the pasts through what’s left of those streets and buildings.

When you see Roman ruins, the scale and grandeur of those structures make you feel the presence of a great empire. Take Paris for another example, most of the buildings in the city are 7 stories tall, but the Eiffel Tower and the Opera Dome are so significant that break the roof lines and can be easily recognized.

Exploring you own city from the sky can be very refreshing. But how can we see like a bird? To get an aerial view of the city, you can only fly in a helicopter, looking out from an airplane window, or flying a drone.

But those options are expensive. We have collected a series of breath-taking aerial views of cities, take this city aerial view quiz, let’s see how many of the cities can you recognize.

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