Food Idioms Quiz – Do you know these 15 Common Idioms Related to Food?


Food Idioms Quiz

If you wanna have some fun, then it’s time for you to take this Food Idioms Quiz. In each question, you will have to complete a sentence with missing words by choosing the right food metaphor. You can test your vocabulary skills while trying to use the right expressions such as “chew the fat” or “fluff on the peach.”

These questions are entertaining and good for you to distract yourself for a moment from daily routing. Instead of isolating yourself and watching TV, you can test your skills on this idioms test and learn a few things. 15 questions await to challenge you and you must complete all of them.

You will have to choose between 4 phrases for each sentence. These phrases are all commonly used on daily basis, which will make the test very easy to complete. If you do not get a sentence right, you should not worry because the important thing is that you learn some new expressions that relate to food.

For example, you’ll learn about when to use the phrase “hard nut to bite” at the right situation. All food-related phrases need to be used precisely in some sentences to fix them. Some of these expressions can be used as jokes that you can use at home or when you go out to dinner with your friend.

When you complete the Food Idioms Quiz, you will certainly feel more associated with the country’s typical expressions. You will be able to correctly use the phrase “cream of the crop” or “a piece of cake” when the moment arrives. Complete each sentence correctly and earn the best prize: knowledge.

Why do we use food idioms? Because with them, you can make a joke without much effort. You can express yourself in such a way that your partner or friends feel pleased and relaxed. These expressions are typical; they do not imply an insult but rather cling to the meanings.

You can use idioms related to food as many times as you like for to build unique jargon. These expressions can be used in North America, Europe, Central America, and even Asia as English is used worldwide as global language. Now, let’s focus on playing the Food Idioms Quiz and trying use your vocabulary to score a 15/15.