Food and Drink Quiz – 25 Trivia Questions about what We Eat and Drink


Food and Drink Quiz

The food and drinks we consume form an integral part of our lives. Eating gives the body the essential nutrients needed for survival. It helps the body grow and develop. Every cell in our body relies on nutrients to gain the necessary energy to function optimally. Not to mention, eating and food have a symbolic meaning attached to love, comfort, reward, stress reduction, and sensuality. Food can trigger certain feelings unconsciously.

Many turn to food in tumultuous times to gain a sense of control and comfort. This is known as comfort eating, as people supplement their feelings with familiar foods to feel better. Food choices are influenced by nutritional constraints but are also made based on social circumstances. They can be influenced by past experiences and the feelings felt at the time of their consumption. Thus, memory and food have a strong relationship. The taste, texture, and smell of the food can trigger food-related memories and activities. Usually these memories are of a happier time which is why people turn to food and drink in times of stress.

According to scientific studies, our social circle can influence our eating patterns. Getting dinner and drinks with friends is the most common form of a group get-together. Getting drinks after work not only helps you relax but also gives you a chance to catch up with friends and family. As such, food and drink are an important part of people’s lives in every sense.

Food and drink connoisseurs have dedicated their whole lives to understanding flavors and ingredients. Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? Will you be able to identify different foods and match them to their country of origin? Take the Food and Drink Quiz with 25 Trivia Questions, test your knowledge of famous drinks and foods from around the world to find out!