COUNTRIES QUIZ – What Every Country is Best at?


QUIZ: What Every Country is Best at

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Q1: Which Country is The Most Cashless Society?

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Q2: Which Country has The Longest Paid Maternity Leave?

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Q3: Which Country has The Most Billionaires?

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Q4: Which Country is The Largest Refugee Host?

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Q5: Which Country is The Best Place to Retire?

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Q6: What is The Most Visited Country in the World?

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Q7: In which country, people have the Most Paid Vacation Days?

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Q8: Which Country is The Largest Producer of Rubber Gloves?

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Q9: Which Country is ranked as The Most Positive Country?

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Q10: Which Country has The Highest Female Participation Rates in Parliament?

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Q11: Which Country is ranked as The Best Place to be a Woman?

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Q12: Which Country is The Largest Wind Energy Producer?

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Q13: Which Country has The Fastest Internet Speed?

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Q14: What is The Happiest Country in the World?

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Q15: Which Country has The Most Physicians Per Capita?

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Q16: Which Country has The Largest Number of Startups Per Capita?

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Q17: Which Country has The Most Cars Per Capita?

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Q18: Which Country has The Best Food?

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Q19: Which Country is ranked as The Most LGBT-friendly Country?

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Q20: Which Country is The Largest Producer of Brazil Nut?

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The world can sometimes look gloomy and less enthusiastic. Bad things happen in countries every day. People criticize their country for things that are wrong or immoral. But criticism is harmful, criticism leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Why not trying to look on the bright side of life? Looking at things with a positive perspective will ensure you a happier life.

Here in the United States, despite the expensive fees of educations and medications that would probably saddle you debt throughout most of your life. But we have good infrastructures such good sidewalks, roads and public services that make the country a great place to live in, and the nature in America is amazing, we have everything from snowy mountains to tropical beaches to dessert to prairies.

Let’s take a quick look about other countries. Although Sweden is considered the worst place to make friends, but Swedish influence is everywhere in pop music; Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country, while the most dangerous place for women at the same time; Rwanda is a country where genocide happened and is now the top for women in parliament.; Spanish politics is a joke but LGBT tolerance in Spain is the highest; Denmark has the best proportion of Wind Power in the world, but not so effective legal system.

Indonesia has the largest coconut plantations and is largest producer in the world. But raging forest fires are also sweeping across Indonesia, create toxic haze that stunt the growth of children; Singaporeans are really good at complaining, they can actually complain about anything, despite Singapore is the healthiest country in the world which has a strong healthcare system, people live longer and have lower death rates,.

Next time, when bad things happen in your country, try to change the way you look at things and focus on all of the ‘good’. Right now, we design a COUNTRIES QUIZ that gathering some interest facts about “What Every Country in the World is Best at”, some recipients of the top award may surprise you. Let’s see if you can guess every one of them.

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