Basic World Geography Quiz – How Well Do You Know Our Earth?


Basic World Geography Quiz

The Merriam-Webster lexicon defines geographic as “a science that deals with the outline, distribution and interaction of the varied physical, biological and cultural resources of the Earth’s surface.” (By definition, this includes the composition of the Earth’s crust set underneath bodies of water also.

Geography gives you a deep sense of what the boundaries of the universe are. This will let you dive shallow into the world of space and the crust of the Earth. All the physical features of the Earth’s core are mentioned in this Basic Geography Quiz, which will let you grasp the knowledge you don’t possess.

This means that geographic may be a broad field of study. It encompasses land forms (such as mountains, valleys, plateaus, caves) and bodies of water (such as oceans, seas, and rivers). Geographic conjointly includes the impulsive, human-made distinctions and delineations we tend to draw on our maps, for example, the geographic boundaries on the map to divide countries, cities and towns. The placement of cities among countries (and regarding the land forms) and therefore the characteristics of those cities. All those invisible, straight lines you see drawn on the globe like the line of longitude lines, latitude lines, the Equator and additional.

How do we tend to familiarize you with the Earth we live on? Are you able to name from the largest deserts to the deepest oceans? What is considering the biggest country or most inhabited city? Does one grasp wherever the nice coral reef is or what is the number of animal species sleep in the Amazon Rain Forest? Grasping and understanding vital facts about Earth will not only widen your vision but also improve your knowledge level. If you take this Basic World Geography Quiz, you will soon have mountains of geographic wisdom underneath your belt.